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A great smile can mean the difference in how you feel about yourself from the inside out. Dr. Chona S. Lardizabal, founder of We Care Dental, custom-designs natural-looking dental implants for men and women of all ages. Located in Dublin, California, We Care Dental's knowledgeable team can replace missing or severely damaged teeth so you can look and feel your best again. To learn more, book an appointment online or call for a consultation.

Dental Implants Q & A

What do dental implants do?

Many adults find that having dental implants are almost like having natural teeth. When you lose your teeth due to tooth decay, disease, or a traumatic injury, your self-esteem and smile can take a hit. Dental implants help you bite, chew, and smile with confidence. They're sturdy, stable teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

A dental implant is a metal post that a dentist implants into your jawbone beneath your gums. Essentially, it’s the root of your new tooth. Once the post has been installed and your mouth has fully healed, a process that generally takes a few weeks, the dentist will mount a custom-made crown (replacement tooth) onto the metal post. The implants fuse to your jawbone, so they are strong, stable, and don’t shift in your mouth.

These screw-like metal posts can also help crowns, bridges, and dentures stay securely fastened to your jaw.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many benefits to dental implants. In addition to looking, feeling, and functioning like your natural teeth, dental implants offer the following ten advantages:

  • Are permanent and can last a lifetime
  • Offer a cost-effective solution for replacing a missing tooth
  • Help maintain your natural face shape and restore your smile
  • Preserve your healthy jawbone
  • Help maintain the integrity of surrounding natural teeth
  • Improve speech by allowing you to talk without worry
  • Don't fall out of your mouth
  • Are durable and strong for eating your favorite foods
  • Aren't wide open to cavities with an implanted crown
  • Offer a proven, predictable outcome for tooth repair

Can someone like me get dental implants?

It doesn't matter whether you're missing a couple of teeth or just one— you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. Your gums need to be healthy and your jaw must be finished growing. Dental implants are not for children but are an excellent solution for adults.

You may also be a prime candidate for implants if you're fed up with uncomfortable dentures, or it's time to replace a bridge or partial dentures. Women or men in search of a more permanent, long-lasting solution to dental work tend to be great candidates for dental implants.

Get all your questions about dental implants answered during a consultation with Dr. Lardizabal and see if implant treatment may be right for you. Ready to take the first step toward a more comfortable, confident smile? Call the team at We Care Dental or schedule an appointment online.